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Intangible dolls - the lazy unicorn


unicorngirl the lazy


I like pixels. I make dolls, pixel art, other customized junk. Please use my art responsibly - see rules on each page. Basically don't say you made it, don't modify it unless I say you can, link back to me. Ok? That said, enjoy your stay! And please don't feed the unicorns or other strange creatures.





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rules for use of my art

dolls and pixel art
+ I made it. Don't say you did. Anywhere anyhow. This is stealing!
+ No frankening - cutting bits off my art and pasting it on yours. This is stealing too!
+ Don't use my art for anything other than adoptions and personal enjoyment on your device. Do not put it on anything, in real life or online, that you cannot link back to me. Yes, you can put it on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. providing you link back to this site so people know who made it.
+ Adoption means you save my art to your own storage space and post it on your site, on a page that indicates they were not made by you, and includes a link back to this site. Don't do one of those things, I'll hunt you down.
+ Some things are not adoptable. They will say so. They are either specific gifts, commissions, or a couple dolls I'm just selfishly attached to. Don't take them.

+ Bases are made to be used. You can edit it any way you like, you don't have to ask me - recolor, resize, face edit, exchange parts, draw new parts, change gender, even make it completely unrecognizable - all fine. You don't have to ask to doll on it. Have fun with it.
+ As long as you link back to me as the basemaker when you post the doll.
+ No franken-basing - cutting off bits of different bases and pasting them together, or using part of my base to make yours.
+ You are welcome to exchange parts among my bases only.
+ Again, don't say you made the base. Say you made the doll with my help.
+ No posting these bases anywhere else. If someone else wants to use my base, direct them here.
+ If for some reason this site goes down, you are welcome to keep using and send my bases around, providing you note where they came from.

other stuff
+ Anything else that's part of my site belongs to me unless otherwise linked. Don't use it, steal it, modify it or post it.

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