February 20th, 2009


INTANGIBLE ~ Dolls p. 2



+These are dolls and pixel art made in tandem with other artists. Only part is made by me, so do not adopt.
+Click their name to see their site. Click the image for the basemaker.

PP Birthday Squad Collabs

[See list]

January (me: Air)

February (me: right, frame)
March (me: pizza)
April (me: right, some bg, props)
May (me: left)
June (me: batboy)
July (me: right)
August (me: kiwi-strawberry)
September (me: left, coffin)
October (me: green hair, pegasus)
December (me: middle coconut chocolate, props)

January (me: left)

February (me: middle doll, props, bg)
March (me: left, pets)
April (me: leftmost mermaid and pirate)
May (me: Dr Pepper)
June/July (me: center, signboard)
August/September (me: right)
October (me: left)
December (me: Zorua)

January (me: some props)

February (me: snow leopard)
March (me: 4th fairy)
July (me: right, bg)
August (me: left)
September (me: mint)
October (me: center)
November (me: baton girl)
December (me: right)

January (me: right)
February (me: middle and big penguin)
March (me: right doll and bg)
May (me: frog)
June (me: blue)
July (me: right)
August (me: right)
September (me: tomato)
October (me: bg, props)
November (me: left angel)
December (me: left, props)


February (me: frowning man)
March (me: blue purple gold girl)
April (me: "windy" girl in blue)
May (me: lilac girl)
June (me: second from left)
July (me: watermelon)
September (me: middle)
October (me: 3rd)
November (me: left)

PP Staff Holiday Collabs

Fairytale Camp Collab with Mouldy, VanillaKnight, and Blackfyre (2012)
user posted image

Gender-bender OC Doctor Who collab with Madame Fish (2012)
user posted image

Meikos collab with Eclipse (2009)

TG Fighter collab with Catie (2008)

Halloween Party Collab (2008)
Taryn, Eclipse, Mouldycat, on Mariiii's base

PP Halloween Collab Contest: Witches with Peachie (right)(2008)