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Intangible dolls - the lazy unicorn


unicorngirl the lazy


I like pixels. I make dolls, pixel art, other customized junk. Please use my art responsibly - see rules on each page. Basically don't say you made it, don't modify it unless I say you can, link back to me. Ok? That said, enjoy your stay! And please don't feed the unicorns or other strange creatures.





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Oooh ... you're posting me a note??
You rock!

Now please follow these simple rules:
- no flaming, criticizing, etc. being an arsehole
- no chatting - there are better places.
- the way lj works, it puts you as "anonymous" if you're not a logged-in ljer, but please have the decency to sign your comment anyway - it's just polite!
- don't expect a personal reply - that's what email's for
- don't enter contests here - that's also what email's for!



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  • Hi!

    Just wanted to tell you that I love your site - your dolls are awesome, and your bases are too. You're really talented! I can't wait to see more of your wonderful work.
  • Awards!

    congrats! You have won an award in my contest<3
    - Sayuri
  • heyo!
    i just wanted to say i really like your dolls. you've got a nice sense for style i think. ;3 keep up the good work! =)

  • (Anonymous)
    Your dolls are lovely~ <3
    Do you have dA? DDD:

  • thanks for that tag honey.

    i plan on moving my contest (and open some more) to a contest board. i'll probably start working on that next week. have a great day! -zlata.
  • Great site

    Your site is amazing, the dolls you make look just perfect! keep up your outstanding work
  • tnx 4 aw!


    "JAPAN-MANIA CONTEST!" is now in act on http://acolpidipixel.splinder.com! check it out!
  • I know the base!

    Yeah... Urh... First of all, I shouild start with that I love your site :D It's awesome! I really like your style ^^ And then, I know where one of the bases under "Unknown" is from. The portrait with the blonde hair (self portrait?), it's by Bona, http://empire.buggative.net/base.html Maybe you knew and forgot to move it or something, but anyway... You'll know now ^^

    // Johanna - BloodyAngel at TG
  • i love the new layout!! <33
  • SOTM

    You won SOTM on my site (http://www.mariiii.de) Congrats ;)

  • do I have to have a subject?

    OMG!! you're american. I thought you were british...
    and you don't like orange :( that's like my favorite colour.
    but since you're such a big fan of UK i don't really mind, 'cus I am too.

  • (Anonymous)
    Just when you think you've seen every doll site there is to see, a real gem pops up and takes you by surprise . . . and by "you" I mean "me", and by "gem" I mean "you". I'm in lurve with your dolls, especially the wide array of character dolls. They're very creative and, well, full of character, which is so much harder to pull off than people think, I think.

    Anyway, thanks for the pleasant surprise.

    - Lazzi @ PoppedArtDolls
  • You...

    ...are teh AWESOMENESS!
    Your bases are also.
    And britty = <3

    --Ruthie (Ice Girl)
  • uuh....

    luuuuuve the new layout :)
    now our backgrounds don't look too similiar anymore...
    you rock (like you didn't know that already).

  • hah

    I'll never stop tagging you.

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