intangibledollz (intangibledollz) wrote,

INTANGIBLE ~ Secret miscellaneous storage

mis·cel·lan·e·ous adj. 1. consisting of a haphazard assortment of different kinds 2. Concerned with diverse subjects or aspects.

You found my secret miscellaneous storage page! Now shhh ... don't tell anyone.

Awards I've received over the years

Makers my drag n drop dump


Archive of dusty old awful stuff

My Contests archive

Basemaking Tutorial if you'd like to know how to make your own in MS Paint

Dump of some Gifs I've collected

Past Layouts
V. 1: Paper Flowers - No image

V. 2: Supermassive MUSEings

V. 3: Heart Strings

V. 4: Glow

V. 5: Xelli Desert

V. 6: Polar Bear Island

V. 7: Are You Cumming on to Me?

V. 8 Neko Roll

V. 8.5: (the Geisha layout that never was)

V. 9 Tattoo
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