intangibledollz (intangibledollz) wrote,

INTANGIBLE ~ Adoptions

+ Do not take anything from here - I did not make them. Click the image to go to the makers' site.

Sugar Crystals CherishSugar CrystalsPandapadCherishHideoutHappy MixAnna PurnaMiss VMiss VAnna PurnaCherish PandapadStrawberry1KawaiiHannahPandapadSugar CrystalsMiss VMiss VBeneath the UmbrellaBeneath the UmbrellaSugar CrystalsBeneath the UmbrellajenniAuroreStrawberry1Silent IllusionsHideout

Adopted Pixels
Mint in the BoxClairebearerJishinMilkbunWorld of Illusions
Demented Ferris WheelSaturnine SenseAuroreAurore
SaffyreThe Last StormApitchouApitchou
Eclectic Blue
Fudrats DollsPixelated PastimeHambunny HavenStargirl

Adopted Dolls
unknownStarberriesBC BooRaylinAcid LemonPopped Art DollsSweetpixel (down)Foxy RepublicLoonaticaLembasdolls (down)lunie_chanMystical DreamzJishinToday is the greatest dayCrazy Cherry GraphixDolleriaFirst Love Shock (down)KileniseaseraliDisappeared ElementDollfeverDeath ButterflyBunnystickNicolabearKileniseaseraliKirai (down)ApitchouMaky LabPhoenix Blue Electric (down)Sugar CrystalsEmbrance Your Inner PinkAbzdragonApitchouGlass TempleThe Last StormMint in the Box (down)Suspicious Hat PixelsPixelated PastimeFirst LoveFudrats DollsDollzGlass TempleMDelgadoWorld of IllusionDolleriaPixtokiUtenasamaBlack Lillium (down)MariiiiHouse of SylvenSoulessBHECsteamfishpxl_scr4tchRozzychaneefelSharonaPxl Scr4tchPixel MonsterNettnessAngelic SakurasTwochaiStudio StellaChosen Fantasy (down)PyrochanFour Leafed CloverMidnight MusingsRhudriel's DollsDied's VaultRoom4SquaresRoom4Squares Today is the greatest dayApitchoufainellothDHFDHFblood_cocoaHacker's DollforgeChamaRhudriel's Dolls
+ More that didn't fit here on page 3 (keep going ...)
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