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Intangible dolls - the lazy unicorn

unicorngirl's dolls, pixel art, randomness

unicorngirl the lazy


I like pixels. I make dolls, pixel art, other customized junk. Please use my art responsibly - see rules on each page. Basically don't say you made it, don't modify it unless I say you can, link back to me. Ok? That said, enjoy your stay! And please don't feed the unicorns or other strange creatures.





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January 13th, 2014



You found my pony lair! Awesome. ;D
+ For adoptables, follow the same rules you would with my dolls and please don't use other than on an adoptions page (unless they are custom made for you). Exception: you may use in a sig with credit. You may NOT use as an icon/avatar.
+ My pony bios, commissions, info on breeding are on my DA
+ All bases used are Bananamantis unless otherwise linked.

MLP FIM ponies

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G2 ponies

Other characters

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